What to Expect at a Saturday Night Party


APEX has party every Saturday night (providing it doesn’t fall ON a holiday we are typically closed) that is open to every current member of the club.

When you arrive you will be greeted by a Door Volunteer (don’t forget to thank them for volunteering!) and checked in. Grab a name tag. We offer name tags that include space to write your name and your preferred pronouns. Help people to successfully interact with you by letting them know your preferences!

After the housekeeping is done, most people move on to the kitchen. Like in our homes, the kitchen is the hub of activity at APEX. If you have brought a share-food to the party, you can put that out when you arrive. Except for special events (watch our Fetlife.com group and the Calendar for special events) party attendees are responsible for managing the food spread.  Helping clean up as we go makes a big difference!

If you need to drop off your toy bag there are racks to store them in both the Voyeur Room (just North of the front office) and also the vestibule that leads to the play floor (just North of the kitchen).

There are typically lots of people talking and socializing in the kitchen. As always, the best advice is to just jump in and enjoy the company of members close to you. At parties, maintaining situational awareness is important. If a big group of people is talking, just jump in and introduce yourself. If people have their heads together and are quietly talking, best to leave them be.

Remember, for some people, their “scene” begins when they arrive (or leave the house, or finish dinner), so they aren’t being rude, they are just doing their thing!

You can go to any of the Voyeur spaces to watch what is going on.  We encourage you to walk around and have a look, it is one of the most special things about having APEX parties! Please be mindful when you are watching scenes. Example…there is no reason to open the doors upstairs to watch (glass doors), and when you enter a space make sure you aren’t interrupting a scene.

For tips on how to be a non-interfering spectator read this. 

If you want to play, you can just ask (Click Here To Read More About How To Ask). Your DM can help you find space, give you tips on setting up based on your play choices, and help you with cleaning when you are finished. Remember, our DM’s are there to help make sure you and everyone else has the best time possible. They are a resource, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Before you go, please help clean up. A run through the kitchen or bathrooms is very helpful for those volunteers who have to stay until 2am. If you are there late, ask the closing DM how you can help them get out of there.

Parties are the cornerstone of the APEX Social structure, and being a great member includes being a part of your club. To read more about how to volunteer, click here.