Escape Game Rules

For your safety and others, APEX ask you to follow these rules when participating in our escape room.

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to go over rules, guidelines and regulations and to sign our waiver. Games start on time regardless if anyone is running late.
  • Do not show up chemically altered (drinking or drugs). Any bad behavior will result in termination of the game without a refund!
  • The Room is equipped with cameras and microphones to monitor safety and track the progress of the participants. If you are stuck for a long time, your GM reserves the right to give you a hint to help promote the moving of the game.
  • Be aware the room may utilize strobe or flashing lights.
  • You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the room; they just need to be uncovered.
  • Please solve all puzzles by using critical thinking and not by physical power.  This is an intellectual game, so if your idea for solving a puzzle or unlocking the lock involves brute force or actions that might put you or your team-mates in danger (such as moving large furniture and etc.) you are definitely on the wrong track!
  • There is no need to lift or move heavy objects. Nothing will require more than finger strength to work.
  • Never use force to try to open locked items or remove décor.
  • There are no clues hidden in any electrical outlets.
  • You do not need to climb on anything to get clues. Don’t stand or climb on furniture. There are no clues in the ceiling.
  • Do not guess combinations! You will just waste time.
  • You can ask for help three times.  After that your hints will cost you three (3) minutes for each clue.
  • You can verify codes with your game master. That is not a hint.
  • Do not move or touch anything with a sticker telling you not to.
  • In case of emergency, press the red button to get out of the room. Pressing this button stops your time and ends your game.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and cannot be used inside the room. Please do not take pictures or make video or audio recordings in the game rooms.
  • Keep the games a mystery!. Please keep the clues, solutions for puzzles, and combinations to yourself so others can enjoy the game after you.  Also, please do not copy or replicate any design element, puzzle, clue, or content of the game rooms.
  • We kindly ask you to take care of the rooms and the objects found in there.  If you break anything, you may be asked to leave the room without refund or other compensation.
  • We reserve the right to stop the game at any point if rules are broken or players damage the room.
  • You play Escape The Dungeon at your own consent and risk; APEX will not be held liable if you break the rules and get yourself hurt.


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