APEX staff is entirely Volunteer Based. No one collects a salary, and every penny APEX makes goes right back to the club.

Our Organization is structured into the following Chair Positions:

  • Education
  • Social Opportunities
  • Support
  • Internal Supper
  • Community Relations

Each one of these chair positions has a number of coordinators and other volunteers. Whatever skill set you possess, APEX has a place for you!


7 thoughts on “Volunteers”

  1. I looked on the calendar for this May and did not see any of the training opportunities I have in the past. I have a great deal more free time now and I wanted to do more volunteer work for the group.
    I want to learn the Door, I would like to begin to train for Dungeon Master service.
    In addition I signed up my skills to serve in the remodel of the new expanded space but have not heard anything back.
    I can do simple electrical rewiring, framing, I actually know how to prep and paint a wall etc., and I have artistic skills which I offer.
    Just wondered when I might be able to know when and where and how on these.
    I am listing my current email, I think you may have my abandoned one, azhippieman@yahoo.com (I have chose to stop living two lives)
    thank you


  2. Hello I would like to volunteer for front desk and dungeon monitor. I would also like to volunteer to help in any way We can in the moving process

  3. Hello moved recently from the SF Bay Area. I have been a member of Alt.com and Get Fetlife for years. The best way to to get to know my new neighbors is to begin networking in my new geographic area. The best way to do that is offer help. I would like to offer my assistance in helping with maintenance and modifications to your facilities. I have over 33 years of construction and construction management experience. I am a construction professional and can handle whatever you may need.

  4. Hi Bob!
    Welcome to Phoenix! We’d love your help. Introduce yourself when you come and get your membership and we’d love to talk about all the things we’re up to!

  5. I have over 20 + years of sensual massage and touch experience and would like to give a class. I also have a teaching background. How do I go about doing this?

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